Paul Rudd Reflects On His Contribution To Ant-Man And The Wasp’s Script


From Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool to Margot Robbie and the villainous Harley Quinn, we’re seeing more and more examples of Hollywood actors going the extra mile to ensure their on-screen superheroes (anti-heroes?) are handled with care and craft.

And similar to how Reynolds contributed to Deadpool 2‘s script, and Robbie will be credited as a producer on Gotham City Sirens and Birds of Prey, Paul Rudd of Ant-Man and the Wasp also pitched in behind the scenes, as the would-be Avenger spent some time in the Marvel writers room.

Via, Rudd reflected on his input, and how things tend to chop and change during the midst of production.

Quite, quite a bit. It’s been going on for awhile but it’s also this behemoth of a thing that’s always changing and incorporating new ideas and you know, they’re also always developing lots of, one movie along with many others so different ideas are kind of changing so we’re still in writer’s rooms.

So much so, in fact, that the actor went on to stress the fluid nature of Marvel’s creative process. Not only that, but the studio is seemingly always open to experimenting with new ideas.

We have the script now so we’re constantly, uh, trying different things and uh, Marvel is really cool about that. They say let’s try this, look at this idea. Let’s try and pursue it and if it works great and if it doesn’t, we’ll have other options.

Other screenwriters credited for Ant-Man and the Wasp include Chris McKenna and Community scribe Erik Sommers. Black List writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari also pitched in during the early days of Peyton Reed’s MCU sequel, which is now finally – finally! – on the verge of release.