Paul Rudd Teases Ant-Man’s Future Appearances In The MCU


If last summer’s Guardians of The Galaxy proved anything, it was that Marvel’s finely-tuned formula for multiplex success could withstand a major overhaul. The James Gunn-directed space comedy threw out the comic book movie rules and pleased audiences with its irreverence AND action.

One of the next newcomers bestowed with the honor of a solo movie is the micro-sized Ant-Man, whose own outing seems to hew closely to Gunn’s comedy stylings. The latest trailer, which debuted last week, veered into more comical territory, and according to leading man Paul Rudd, that decision has left some folks somewhat befuddled.

“I think that there is [a lot of comedic elements], but at the same time, it’s not an out-and-out comedy,” he tells MTV. “There’s a lot of stuff that’s funny, but there’s also a lot of action, and there are relationships that you’ll care about. My hope is people are surprised by it.

“It seems like a tough one to nail down. They released a teaser trailer, and people weren’t really sure what the tone was. They released [a second trailer] and there are a couple of jokes about, ’Should we change the name?’ We understand that people hear ’Ant-Man’ and wonder, ’What is that?’ I think it’s going to be fun to see the reaction.”

With three months until Ant-Man makes his big screen debut, talk has turned to the relevance of the movie within Marvel’s canon. Of course, it’s an undisputed element of the cinematic universe, but can those moviegoers who aren’t MCU-savvy be able to revel in its action comedy hijinks?

“It’s a part of the Marvel Universe, but it stands on its own. I think it absolutely fits in, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Ant-Man in some other things. That being said, it’s a movie where if you have never seen any of the Marvel movies, you’re going to totally get it.”

Once Ant-Man bows, there’s as yet no specific plans for his own standalone sequel. The Phase Three line-up has ten films scheduled across its three year window, none of which place Scott Lang’s alterego in the title. However, given the nature of Marvel’s interconnected world, that doesn’t rule out Rudd’s later appearances:

“[Marvel has] said a few things. I know some things. But I don’t know everything.”

Will Ant-Man pick a side for the imminent battle of Captain America: Civil War? Or do you think he will be kept back for a bigger supporting role in another Phase Three outing? Sound off below!

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