Paul Thomas Anderson Would Like To Direct A Teen Titans Movie


If anything, 2018 looks to be a good year for those who appreciate DC’s younger heroes. Not only do we have Teen Titans Go! To The Movies arriving in theaters this summer, but a live action Titans series and the third season of the animated darling Young Justice are set to launch later this year as part of WB’s new DC-themed streaming service.

Still, it stands to reason that many of you out there yearn for a proper live action Teen Titans movie, even if the TV series will likely have it beaten when it comes to character development and the sheer amount of heroes and villains being introduced. After all, a big budget two-hour cinematic experience is a very different beast, and it’s quite arguable that this youthful superhero team is due for their own.

As it turns out, somebody in Hollywood agrees with you.

In a recent Twitter Q&A, director Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie NightsThere Will Be Blood) was asked which movie he’d like to helm that could be viewed by his kids, and here’s how he responded:

While we can’t actually get inside the guy’s head, we imagine that his vision is more comparable to the comic books or the original animated series, as opposed to the more whimsical Teen Titans Go!, but you never know. Still, having someone of his stature would give much legitimacy to such a film.

Believe it or not, a Teen Titans movie was originally supposed to hit theaters all the way back in 2010, but was an unfortunate casualty of the writers strike. In fact, a teaser poster can be spotted in the video store in Will Smith’s I am Legend. Suffice it to say, our fingers are crossed hoping that this comes to fruition in our lifetime.