Paul Thomas Anderson Won’t Be Involved In Robert Downey Jr.’s Pinocchio After All


Since finding himself linked to Robert Downey Jr.’s long-brewing Pinocchio, all has been quiet on Paul Thomas Anderson’s involvement in the project, and that’s really been emblematic of the movie as a whole. Once poised to write and possibly direct the feature film, it’s now been revealed that the auteur will no longer be pulling the strings behind Warner Bros.’ modern retelling.

Word comes by way of The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider, noting that Anderson will pass up directing duties after all.

There was no mention of a specific reason as to why the director – best known for There Will Be Blood, Inherent Vice and The Master, among many others – cut ties with Pinocchio, but perhaps the notion of working under Warner Bros. in a studio environment was probably enough to cool any potential interest on the director’s part. Over the course of his decorated career, Paul Thomas Anderson has written and directed everyone of his feature films, exerting a distinct sense of style on each release that bears his name on the masthead.

Despite today’s revelation, it’s understood that Robert Downey Jr. remains attached in some capacity – possibly starring as Geppetto – though considering that the Avengers star has been linked with Warner’s fairytale reboot since 2012, you would have to assume that the project would need to show a tangible sign of progress lest it lose him as well.

On the other side of the coin, Guillermo del Toro is reportedly working on a stop-motion animation of Pinocchio, though it too has struggled to convince studios it is, in fact, a real project that can step in front of the cameras anytime soon. We’ll keep you posted on both as we learn more.