Could Paul W.S. Anderson Still Direct A Castlevania Feature Film?

Converting a video game franchise into a feature film has always been a daunting task, but director Paul W.S. Anderson has never shied away from the challenge. Being responsible for 1995’s Mortal Kombat and the still running Resident Evil franchise, Anderson may have yet another video game movie added to his repertoire.

The Film Stage is reporting that Anderson is still expressing interest in directing a Castlevania movie, hoping to bring the whip wielding Simon Belmont and his struggle with evil vampires onto the big screen.

Rumored since 2005 when the rights were picked up, the property has since bounced around numerous studios and been linked to various directors, the latest news having Saw helmer James Wan attached. Castlevania was originally meant for Anderson though, so there’s no reason why it still can’t end up with the veteran video game adaptor.

Anderson explained the long delay in an interview with IGN, blaming “impatient studios who underestimate the work required to make a quality video game movie.” Can’t argue much with Anderson’s logic, as we’ve seen numerous video games bomb in their movie form – *cough cough House of the Dead cough cough*.

For those sighing at the mention of Anderson’s name, it could be much worse. The director is responsible for a solid sci-fi thriller in Event Horizon, made one of the best video game adaptations to date in Resident Evil, and at least injects entertaining action into films like Death Race and Mortal Kombat.

Sure, there are a few blemishes on Paul W.S. Anderson‘s record, like AVP: Alien vs. Predator, but no director is flawless, especially one who seems to value popcorn related entertainment over Oscar worthy screenplays. I, for one, will have no problem watching a Castlevania feature helmed by an Anderson given full creative freedoms from whichever studio holds onto the project.

With that said, a Paul W.S. Anderson produced and James Wan directed Castlevania could be something of a spooky treat, mixing Wan’s knack for horror with Anderson’s blockbuster type action. A fan can dream, can’t he?

But if you’re still doubting in Anderson, just repeat after me – at least it isn’t Uwe Boll.

What do you fans out there think, could Anderson do the Belmont’s justice given the chance?