Latest ‘Peacemaker’ Easter Egg may tease an ‘Aquaman 2’ connection

The Wildest Episode of Peacemaker is Yet to come.
Image via HBO

Anyone who has watched the Peacemaker finale is busy wondering whether the latest Easter egg in the episode was a hint that we will be seeing the DC hero (hero?) make the plunge into an even larger DCEU role in the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

In the said scene, we see many helmets splayed out in a row across a log while Peacemaker goes through them one-by-one, explaining their purpose and function. But Peacemaker doesn’t pay much attention to the helmet in question, except to say that it “allows you to breath underwater,” to which Danielle Brooks’ Leota Adebayo replies, “Okay, not sure how we can use that.” And they move on.

All we are left with after watching this scene play out is a bunch of burning questions. Why was one of Peacemaker’s helmets made for breathing underwater? And why was it included in the rundown of his helmets in the season one finale that featured an Aquaman cameo? Apparently, even the series’ lead star, John Cena, has confirmed in a chat with Yahoo Entertainment that he has no idea what significance this subtle reference holds.

“You gotta talk to the madman named James Gunn for that. I think he’s very clever in everything he does, and he doesn’t waste a sentence. So, in my perspective, those might indeed be safe dots to connect, but you never know. We may never see that. I don’t control any of that stuff. And we can talk ourselves in circles about what’s gonna happen on Season 2, but it’s really up to just one guy.”

While Cena may be clueless about what the helmet truly meant, fans of the show were quick to grab on to the nifty detail and are already speculating what it can be used for. While it could just be a prelude to Aquaman’s cameo at the end of the finale, the tantalizing possibility remains that maybe it was less of an Easter egg and more like an enormous, dinosaur egg sitting in plain sight.

It could be an allusion to the possibility of Peacemaker’s engaging in underwater endeavors with Arthur Curry in the upcoming Aquaman 2. Should we get ready for some epic buddy-cop-style banter and back-and-forth play-out?

We did get a glimpse of the same in the Peacemaker finale, where after all the action is over, it’s Peacemaker and Aquaman who have any interaction. As Peacemaker sees the others finally appear, he says “You’re late, ya fucking dickheads!” Then he digs deeper as he walks by Aquaman, saying, “Go fuck another fish, asshole.”

To which Aquaman responds, “I’m so fucking sick of that rumor.”

While Cena might be clueless about the possibility of Peacemaker and Aquaman joining forces, he did hint in his chat with Yahoo that Gunn won’t add any scene without mapping out its after-effects. Just like James Gunn, the expansive world of the DCEU has another brilliant mind who has shown a great propensity to have fun with the DC characters and their storylines- James Wan. Is the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom director also in on Gunn’s possible plan to bring the two heroes together? Here’s hoping.