Penguin And Catwoman Feature In Unearthed Batman Returns BTS Image


While it may prove to be somewhat divisive to this day, we can’t deny how Batman Returns has remained a fan favorite in the franchise. Yes, a fair amount of flicks have been released in the time since, but Tim Burton’s second trip to Gotham City arguably had even more of the lauded director’s fingerprints all over it, thus making for a truly dynamic viewing experience.

Long story short, Burton’s never been too keen on making sequels, but the folks at Warner Bros. were able to lure him back for another go-round by affording him more creative control. In doing so, villains such as Penguin and Catwoman were given radically different origins from their comic book counterparts, in addition to Gotham itself undergoing somewhat of a visual overhaul. Basically, the film was set in the same universe as its 1989 predecessor, but was in no way a direct sequel, if that makes sense.

Speaking of Penguin and Catwoman, a cool behind-the-scenes image showcasing the two has emerged via Reddit. In it, we see Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer participating in some lighting tests, which were no doubt setting up the scene in which they come together in order to conspire against the Dark Knight.

As you may recall, said scene was a bit adult in nature, as Catwoman’s body language was somewhat suggestive and Penguin had a rather difficult time keeping his libido in check. In fact, it was moments such as this that sent parents groups into a frenzy, leading McDonald’s to recall their line of Happy Meal toys promoting the movie, as well as Burton eventually being ousted and replaced by Joel Schumacher for the the next two entries in the series. The rest, as they say, is Bat-nipple laden history.

For more on the production of Batman Returns, you can check out a comprehensive gallery featuring even more behind-the-scenes images here.

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