The People vs. George Lucas: Episode II To Hit In 2015

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If you were already feeling over-saturated by all the Star Wars: Episode VII talk, then brace yourselves: it’s about to get even uglier. Not only are we going to get the next installment in the Star Wars franchise in December 2015, but we’re also going to get a rebuttal in the form of The People vs. George Lucas: Episode II that same month.

For those non-geeks among us: The People vs. George Lucas was a 2010 documentary directed by Alexandre O. Philippe that focused on fan annoyance and disenchantment with the Star Wars franchise following the release of the prequel trilogy. The film covered the lead up to the release of The Phantom Menace, and the anger that I’m sure still festers in the hearts and minds of fans who remember that disappointing occurrence. With the build-up to Star Wars: Episode VII starting more than a year before the film’s actual release, it’s no surprise that a sequel to the documentary is being planned.

What is surprising is that The People vs. George Lucas: Episode II is scheduled for release the same month as the next Star Wars film. This presumably means that the documentary is going to be made with the film as-yet-unseen, and will focus on the purchasing of the franchise rights by Disney, what the future of Star Wars looks like without George Lucas, and the continued relationship between Lucas and his fans.

A laudable project indeed, but wouldn’t it make better sense to actually see the next Star Wars first, rather than speculating on what it will be like? Is there much more to say about the Star Wars franchise and Disney’s involvement in it when we’ve yet to see what J.J. Abrams does with the film? This seems a bit more like a cash-grab in riding on the coattails of Star Wars: Episode VII, rather than taking the time to make an informed decision and analysis of the film. But we’ll have to see what Philippe comes up with. There’s already plenty of fan anger and suspicion surrounding the Star Wars franchise, so I’m sure The People vs. George Lucas: Episode II will at least be entertaining.