How Many People Did John Wick Kill?


No on-screen hitman can come close to competing with the Baba Yaga himself, John Wick. Since the first installment of the franchise in 2014, the titular character has obliterated seemingly armies of bad guys. Across three movies, one thing is extremely clear: The body count is high. But exactly how lethal is Wick?

How many people has John Wick killed?

Of course, Wick certainly was laying waste to bad dudes before the movies. So we have no idea how many he’s killed over the course of his fictional career. Here’s what we know from the movies though.

In the first John Wick film, the Baba Yaga takes down around 77 people. While this number might seem high, in comparison to the films to come in the series it’s extremely tame.

During John Wick 2 the kill count is raised again with Wick adding an extra thirty or so to the kill count with around 128 in total.

The third installment John Wick: Parabellum settles down a little on the mayhem. Its kill count sits somewhere around 94.

To put that into perspective, Michael Myers, in all the Halloween films, has just 157 kills. And Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees boasts around 140 kills throughout all the franchise films.

So far in the series, Wick has killed around 299 people. That makes him one of the deadliest characters in all cinema. Maybe future entries in the series should start to be classified as horror films?