Personal Shopper Trailer Finds Kristen Stewart Haunted In Paris


Personal Shopper reunites Kristen Stewart with director Olivier Assayas, the filmmaker behind what might be Stewart’s best performance yet in Clouds of Sils Maria. Their second film together wasn’t quite as well-received, however, when it premiered at Cannes last summer, earning just as many boos and jeers as it received acclaim. The polarizing horror-drama had trouble entering theaters after such a divisive response, but it’ll make its way into them soon. After an extended festival run, it’s finally coming out this spring and to celebrate its impending release, IFC Films has released a brand new trailer.

A European character drama which finds a mournful, lonely personal shopper, played by Stewart, wondering Paris aimlessly, this trailer largely focuses on the horror, as Stewart’s character quickly becomes haunted by what might be the spirit of her deceased twin brother. Those expecting terror and suspense though might not find the jump scares they’re looking for here, as this Personal Shopper is more about the drama and mystery than it is the thrills.

While there were many critics who didn’t take to the film, we were among the more favorable of the bunch. Our reviews from Cannes and TIFF last year were both very strong, with Josh Cabrita calling it an “affecting, singular” accomplishment which gives “a great showcase for Kristen Stewart” in light of the controversial boo-ing. Joseph Falcone, meanwhile, considered it “a career-best turn from Kristen Stewart,” noting that it “definitely won’t be for everyone, even if it was made with everyone in mind.” That’s just our opinion, though. Be sure to watch the trailer above and see what you make of it.

Personal Shopper is slated to hit U.S. theaters on March 10th.