Peter Bogdanovich To Direct Tom Sizemore In John Ledger

Director Peter Bogdanovich is gearing up to direct his next film, titled John Ledger, and Tom Sizemore is now set to star in the titular role. The two will be re-uniting after having worked together on 2004’s Hustle.

Written by Joey Camen and produced by Polimedia Films, the film tells the story of “one man’s descent into sex addiction and how it affects his family and friends. John Ledger is a 45-year-old, Southern Californian car salesman, who chases the demon of sex addiction while trying to maintain a normal life with wife, Mary and their teenage son, Brian.“

Sounds like an interesting role for Sizemore, who has dealt with addiction himself and having enjoyed the duo’s previous effort, I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with John Ledger.

Furthermore, despite his personal struggles, I’ve always been a fan of Sizemore, he usually turns in a strong performance and I’m excited to see him in another lead role.

As of now, not much more is known about the project but we’ll keep you posted.