The Lord Of The Rings Helmer Peter Jackson Said To Be Mulling Over DC Comics Movie


Perhaps inspired by Steven Spielberg’s own flirtations with the comic book movie genre and, in particular, WWII drama Blackhawk, The Lord of the Rings helmer Peter Jackson has reportedly met with Warner Bros. over the possibility of one day helming a DC Comics movie.

Citing sources familiar with the situation, The One Ring (h/t CBM) is asserting that Jackson and his creative team are currently mulling over one of two options: either circle back to Middle-earth and produce Amazon’s planned Lord of the Rings TV series, or journey into uncharted territory in order to dabble in the DC universe.

Peter Jackson has fostered a good partnership with the Powers That Be over at Warner Bros., and given the filmmaker’s vast experience in the field of fantasy – three LOTR movies followed by an entire Hobbit trilogy makes for a pretty damn good résumé – it certainly makes a lot of sense that the studio would be open to another collaboration. The question, really, is whether Jackson has a particular project and/or hero in mind, or if WB has already earmarked one of the many, many projects currently simmering in development.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

CBM contends that a Justice League sequel is out of the question, as Warner Bros. and DC Films are too busy developing standalone projects like The Batman, Nightwing, and Birds of Prey to worry about a sequel to one of the biggest comic book disappointments of the past few years. Too harsh? Perhaps, but considering the sheer amount of talent involved in Justice League, its failure was a little difficult to swallow.

For Peter Jackson, though, is there a DC Comics property that you’d like to see the director handle? Even if it comes at the expense of him producing Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series…

Source: The One Ring