Peter Jackson Will Start Work On Tintin Sequel Next Year

Now that his first entry in The Hobbit trilogy officially hits theatres in the UK today (and in the US tomorrow), fans of the New Zealand director might be forgiven for thinking that Peter Jackson has his hands full putting together the remaining chapters, what with that being his job and such. Until next year that is, when Jackson will begin work on his sequel to Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin, apparently. Which means that, yes, there’ll be more motion capture over the next few years than you can shake an Andy Serkis at.

That’s right: Jackson has announced plans to get all the mo-cap completed as soon as he gets a bit of free time, a process that, believe it or not, might only take a number of weeks. Jamie Bell is likely to return to his role as the ginger-haired boy detective, as will Andy Serkis as the binge-drinking Captain Haddock, because you can’t do a motion capture film without Andy Serkis: it’s illegal. Then it’s all left to WETA Digital to begin the painstaking process of actually animating the damn thing, which is the hard part, presumably.

Plot details are obviously thin at this stage of production, though children’s author Anthony Horowitz was hired to write a draft of the script earlier this year – and there’s talk suggesting that this chapter will combine both Prisoners Of The Sun and The Calculus Affair, which is nice. Let’s hope Peter Jackson keeps things relatively exposition-free, given that Spielberg’s movie was essentially lines of exposition dispersed with occasional action scenes.

What do you think, then? Excited for the next Tintin film? Do you think that Peter Jackson should, like, take a break, before he ends up killing himself? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Total Film

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