New Petition Asks Marvel To Cast Keanu Reeves As The MCU’s Wolverine


Keanu Reeves’ career has been on a “most excellent” upswing over the past few years. The actor, who spent most of his post-Matrix days awkwardly showing up in romantic comedies or starring in widely panned genre movies (47 Ronin anyone?), surprised everyone with the fantastic 2014 action flick John Wick. Now, just five years and two sequels later, he’s become a Hollywood darling once again, with many calling for him to join the MCU or DCEU.

In a recent Interview with BuzzFeed, the actor was actually asked which Marvel or DC hero he’d want to bring to life and sure enough, he had an answer ready:

“When I was a kid, I always wanted to play Wolverine. So, Wolverine.”

Of course, the internet was totally into the idea of seeing Reeves as the iconic mutant and now, as expected, a petition has sprung up on calling for Marvel to cast him. Here’s how it reads:

It is my firm belief that after his very wholesome public actions you may have seen on the internet, the Box Office would blow up with a Keanu Reeves Wolverine standalone movie, or a future X-Men movie in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe of movies, as I also believe he is one of the only actors in the world capable enough to portray Wolverine after Hugh Jackman’s portrayal.

Given that this petition has only just begun, it hasn’t exactly racked up very many signatures, but it’s quickly starting to spread and we imagine once more people catch wind of it, it’ll start to blow up – as these things often do. After all, Reeve is a terrific choice for Wolverine and with his career exploding right now, Marvel would be wise to snatch him up.

Then again, they may have already done so, just for another film. Rumors are pointing to Keanu having a role in The Eternals, though that remains unconfirmed. Meanwhile, we also know that the studio eyed him for Captain Marvel before Jude Law eventually took on the part of Yon-Rogg.

Suffice it to say, Kevin Feige and co. are clearly interested in working with him, and if for some reason the rumors have it wrong and he’s not set to appear in The Eternals, then we’d certainly be alright with seeing Keanu Reeves as the next Wolverine. Would you?