Petition To Cancel Beautiful Disaster Movie Gets Over 19K Signatures

Young Adult romance author Jamie McGuire is the subject of a petition to stop a movie adaption of her novel Beautiful Disaster over perceived racism.

The author “has a long, sordid history of racist and homophobic behavior. Moreover, on the many occasions that she’s been called out for such behavior, rather than apologizing and attempting to make amends, she doubles down on her bigotry; going on social media rants “defending” her disgusting words and actions,” the petition said.

The petition currently has more than 19,000 signatures. At 25,000 it will become one of the most signed on the site.

McGuire has said that she would blow up a Black Lives Matter supporter, and that alleged Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse had to be released or she would riot over it.

“Ms. McGuire doesn’t deserve the platform she currently has as an author, and she certainly doesn’t deserve to have her platform expanded upon by having one of her books turned into a movie. We implore you to not only reject Ms McGuire’s actions, but condemn them. Don’t make the Beautiful Disaster movie,” the petition said.

The movie seems to be moving forward at a brisk pace. At the end of last month, Deadline reported that Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner would star in the film. Roger Kumble, who helmed Cruel Intentions and After We Collided, will direct it.

Jonathan Deckter, President and COO of Voltage Pictures, said he’s excited about the series and that he expects it to be huge.

“The adaptation of this beloved New York Times and global bestseller, helmed by one of the most prolific YA directors of all-time, Roger, and led by an incredibly talented cast with massive social followings – Beautiful Disaster has all the makings of the next blockbuster YA franchise,” Deckter said.

While Deckter is optimistic, it remains to be seen what effect, if any, the petition will have on the movie moving forward.