Phase Four Of The MCU Will Reportedly Have Two Big Bads


Following Thanos’ defeat in Avengers: Endgamethe MCU will need a new big bad to threaten the totality of existence in Phase Four. But how can one single villain pose more of a threat than the Mad Titan? Well, according to this new rumor, Marvel may have found a way around the problem of topping Thanos: introduce two separate big bads.

A trusted Reddit user going under the name TheMarvelScoopMaster posted on the Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit some intriguing details about the next phase of the franchise. One of the biggest is that they revealed that these supposed two big bads will be made up of a “ground-level threat” and a “cosmic” one

“I have some news on who the new big bads will be in the MCU. Yes, plural. We’re going to see more than one villain in the MCU. Think of it as two Thanos level threats, but Marvel is looking to create a more ‘ground level’ threat and a more ‘cosmic’ threat. This will be their way of upping the ante of Thanos.”

So, who are these new overarching villains? Well, the Earth-based antagonist we’ve heard a lot about in the run-up to Spider-Man: Far From Home: Norman Osborn. As previous reports have said, this Reddit post claims that Osborn will be introduced in the Spidey sequel and prove to be a huge problem for our heroes, with the Dark Reign arc possibly on its way.

As for the cosmic threat, the Reddit user plumps for one we haven’t heard too much talk about appearing in the MCU: Michael Korvac. The Korvac saga is a major comic book storyline, so fans would no doubt be psyched to see him in the franchise. According to TheMarvelScoopMaster, Korvac will make his debut in Captain Marvel 2 before returning later on.

Obviously, we should take all this with a pinch of a salt for now. Though at least one part of the rumor may be confirmed very soon when Far From Home reaches cinemas on July 2nd.

Source: Reddit