Phil Lord And Chris Miller Directing Young Han Solo Star Wars Spinoff, Likely Jumping Ship On The Flash



The LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, talented helmers who’ve made no secret of their love for all things Star Wars, are heading to the galaxy far, far away. THR reports that the in-demand duo will tackle a Star Wars Anthology spinoff for their next project, building an adventure around a young Han Solo prior to his New Hope escapades.

Lucasfilm and Disney had no comment, but sources report this is not the same project that was previously set to be directed by Chronicle‘s Josh Trank, who left the film following animosity over his handling of Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot (producer Simon Kinberg has his fingers in both franchises and communicated his displeasure with Trank’s apparent lack of professionalism). That’s rumored to be an origin story for bounty hunter Boba Fett.


Lord and Miller were previously set to direct Ezra Miller in a Flash movie for DC Comics and Warner Bros., but now that they’re committing to the lengthy process of developing, writing, producing and directing a Star Wars spinoff, that’s likely no longer in the works. This could also have repercussions for Sony’s planned 23 Jump Street, which they had been asked back to direct.

As for Warner Bros.’ LEGO Movie franchise, the pair hadn’t lined themselves up to direct future installments, so that likely won’t be as impacted by the pair jumping on board a project as commitment-heavy as a Star Wars spinoff.

It’s thrilling to hear that Lucasfilm and Disney are interested in exploring the backstory for the franchise’s single most popular character. There’s so much about Solo that can be explored on the big screen, from him making the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs to his meeting Chewbacca and gaining possession of the Millenium Falcon. Of course, the actor here is crucial – the studios will need to find someone who can believably play a young Harrison Ford while making the role his own and charming the pants off every moviegoer in attendance. With that in mind, Miller and Lord’s incredible energy is a definite boost for the project at this early stage.

No ideas on a release date for this Star Wars Anthology project just yet, but it will definitely come after Rogue One.

Source: THR

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