Phil Lord And Chris Miller Are Expanding The Spider-Verse For Sony On TV

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff movie universe has proven so successful that the studio’s expanding it to TV. This we previously knew thanks to a prior announcement, but now it’s been revealed that Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be helming the entirety of the small screen side of the Spider-Verse, fresh off producing December’s Oscar-winning animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story earlier today that the filmmakers have signed a nine-figure deal with Sony to develop their own comedy or dramas based on Spider-Man related characters for broadcast, cable and streaming as well as supervise Spider-shows from other creators.

Sony Pictures Television president Jeff Frost said the following in a statement, teasing the breadth of what Lord and Miller will accomplish.

“Phil and Chris have reimagined every medium and genre they have touched. Whether it’s television, features or animation, they have created their own unique brand and style. We are so excited to be working with these brilliant creators and showrunners and are looking forward to collaborating with them in every aspect of television — comedy, drama, animation and beyond.”

It sounds like Sony is hoping to replicate the variety they’re bringing to their Marvel movies on the small screen. For instance, Venom kicked things off with its its peculiar mix of horror, action and odd-couple comedy while the aforementioned Spider-Verse delivered a gorgeously-animated, all-ages adventures. These two will soon be joined by Morbius (likely a spiritual sequel to Venom) and a Spider-Women Spider-Verse spinoff. Movies for Jackpot, Silk, Kraven and more are also in various stages of development.

There’ve been no official announcements about what these TV shows could be just yet, but there’ve been reports of a Spider-Ham cartoon and We Got This Covered previously informed you that we heard an Agent Venom show could be on the way as well. Maybe even starring the MCU’s Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson.

We’ll keep you updated as more on what Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse‘s Lord and Miller plan to bring comes in, but for now, tell us, what would you like to see from the duo on the small screen?

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