Cool Continuity Detail In Spider-Man: Homecoming Revealed


One Reddit user has noticed an easily-missed but neat continuity detail while rewatching Spider-Man: Homecoming this week. 

It’s not much, but it turns out that Peter Parker’s cell phone gets increasingly battered over the course of the movie. At first, it just has an innocuous scratch on the top left corner. After his repeated battles with the Vulture and lots of near-death experiences, however, his phone screen’s cracked all over.

Again, it’s not hugely significant, but it is a neat little detail, so kudos to the props department for threading this fun running gag throughout. It also works because it feels authentic to Spidey’s character. He saves New York but wrecks his phone in the process – that sounds just like the ol’ Parker luck to us. It likewise fits that Peter doesn’t replace it, as we know that he and Aunt May aren’t doing too well in the financial department. Still, you’d think Tony Stark would treat him to an upgrade for all the help.

So, what’s next in the ever-exciting life of Peter Parker’s phone? Well, if it was somehow on his person when he was wearing his Iron Spider outfit in Avengers: Infinity War, then it would have been turned to dust along with its owner during the movie’s tragic climax. It might be lucky enough to wind up resurrected though during Avengers 4, as Spidey’s fully expected to return from the dead.

Following that, Peter will go globe-trotting in Spider-Man: Far From Homewhich will see him travel to Europe and visit Paris and London. Knowing Parker, his phone will probably take some more battering during his adventures around the world. And who knows, maybe Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio will even prove himself to be Spidey’s ultimate nemesis by destroying the phone once and for all?