New Photos From The Nun Will Scare You Out Of Your Skin


While The Conjuring universe is world-renowned for producing a thoroughly spine-chilling experience at the cinema, the latest installment, The Nun, is vowing to be “the darkest chapter” yet and has just delivered a genuinely trepidatious gallery to prove it.

With roughly half a month to go before release, the marketing blitz for The Nun has shifted into high gear and, as a result, Valak the Defiler is tracking towards a huge opening weekend. According to Variety, Corin Hardy’s (The Hallow) gothic horror could bow as high as $40 million, and given the relatively small budget, it would unquestionably put another feather in the cap of the franchise and possibly set a new benchmark for the series.

Before WB has you kneeling before the Defiler on September 7th, though, the PR campaign isn’t quite finished scaring you out of your skin. Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, you can check out an appropriately foreboding thirteen-picture gallery below, complete with a set photo or two and plenty of eye-popping polaroids of the titular prioress. So, get your spook on and settle in for a not-so-good night’s sleep.

Set in 1952 Romania, The Conjuring 2 spinoff will shadow Catholic priest Father Burke (Demián Bichir) and a novice, Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga), who are sent to Cârța Monastery by the Vatican to investigate the mysterious suicide of a nun.

As stated above, look for The Nun – which will see Bonnie Aarons reprise her role as the titular abbess – to haunt your local multiplex on September 7th. Now, let’s just pray it can put The Conjuring universe back on the righteous path following the disappointingly middling Annabelle: Creation, which, by the way, is getting a sequel in July of next year.