First Look At Robert Pattinson As Bruce Wayne In The Batman


The first trailer for The Batman is set to drop later tonight, but a couple of images have now hit the web in advance that give us a taste of Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. The moody pics show the actor with the cowl off, working in the Batcave and attending some kind of public function as a miserable looking Bruce Wayne. They’re a pretty dour and downbeat set of stills, which neatly fits in with what we’ve heard about Matt Reeves’ movie.

Most interesting is the close-up of Pattinson sans cowl. It’s neat to see the makeup he’s put around his eyes to enhance the terror of Batman and even the most ardent skeptic will have to admit he’s bringing some intensity to the role. Our look at the Batcave is also cool as everything seems very realistic and plausible, eschewing the gigantic cavern and outlandish villain props for what could be a regular basement. Then again, he does look a bit like a goth – but hey, he goes out at night dressed like a bat and what’s more goth than that?

We’ll no doubt get to see all this and more tonight when the hugely anticipated trailer drops. That should not only show off the Caped Crusader, but also his supporting cast. I’d be particularly psyched to see Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman, Paul Dano’s Riddler, Colin Farrell’s Penguin, Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Gordon and Andy Serkis’ Alfred.

With Micheal Keaton and Ben Affleck both confirmed as returning to the role, we should have more than enough of the Dark Knight over the next few years. The DCEU multiverse project could well see a detour to Matt Reeves’ Gotham City, too, so the next decade could well be the decade of Batman.