New Pic Of Matt Damon And Michael Douglas In Soderbergh’s Behind the Candelabra

Steven Soderbergh puts out something like two movies a year, and yet each film is always so distinct from the last one in terms of tone and subject that they still manage to generate endless enthusiasm and speculation. Thus, cinema fans of all stripes should be thrilled to see the new photo from Soderbergh’s last filmBehind the Candelabra, in the print edition of Vanity Fair (digital version via IndieWire).

Behind the Candelabra is a biopic about the famous musician Liberace, who will be played by Michael Douglas. The photo features Douglas in full (suitably flamboyant) costume, with Matt Damon playing his “young lover,” who is similarly clad.

Just the look of this photo, with the two smiling leads in such garb and the ‘L’ stamped pool in the background makes me interested to see this film, considering Soderbergh’s flair for visual style and getting great performances out of even the most rocky of performers (sorry, Channing Tatum). With that in mind, a film led by Douglas and Damon should be a homerun.

This may be Soderbergh’s last film, but he’s looking to go out with a bit of fanfare, apparently hoping to premier the film at Cannes in 2013. Considering his previous trips there, I think it would be a fitting send off.

So, any Liberace fans out there looking for the story behind the man, or anyone else who just likes the cut of this photo’s jib? Sound off below.

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