First Pictures For The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

The first pictures for The Perks of Being a Wallflower, starring Emma Watson and Logan Lerman, have been released. The film is adapted from the book of the same title, and author Stephen Chbosky is writing/directing the movie.

Perks centers on the character Charlie (Logan Lerman), an awkward loner who befriends some older outcasts (Emma Watson and Ezra Miller). It’s a coming of age story beloved by hipsters nationwide.

Full disclosure: I have a biased interest in this film. It’s not because I love Emma Watson, and it’s not because I read this book. It’s because this movie was filmed at my recently graduated from high school (Peters Township High School), over the summer. It’s also approximately five minutes away from my home.

I took multiple exams in the very seats Watson and Lerman are pictured sitting in, and I can tell you that those chairs are not comfortable. Not one bit. Besides that – PTHS is a pretty cliche high school, and it should be a perfect location for the film.

Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think.