Pierce Brosnan Wants To Join The Expendables

Brosnan 007

The marketing for The Expendables 3 may hint that this will be the geriatric action franchise’s “Last Ride,” but if the movie manages to make as much money as the last two installments, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a fourth outing. So, once the likes of Rambo, the Terminator, John McClane, Blade, He-Man, Han Solo, George Wallace, Zorro, and a host of other action movie icons have shared the screen, how do you go bigger for another sequel? Why, you add James Bond, of course!

In a recent interview with Coming Soon, Pierce Brosnan – who played the iconic super spy four times from 1995 to 2002 – revealed that he would love to hop on board the Expendables franchise, and has even had casual talks with producer Avi Lerner about it:

“I said to Avi Lerner, ‘If it works out and you have a good script, Avi, you know where to find me if you still want me.’ It’s as simple as that really. I had a grand time in his company. Sylvester Stallone is the one that’s given us these wonderful platforms for actors who have had careers to go play and have fun and to entertain. To bring a bunch of guys together who saved the world, fought the bad guys, and put them all on the same stage, that’s crazy good. It’s just about entertainment. Avi is somebody I’ve heard about and his movies always have big brash entertainment value to them. You can really change the world and that’s great, but “The Expendables?” Yeah, I’d love to do “The Expendables.” It’s just a kick in the pants.”

The fact that he called being in these films a “kick in the pants” should pretty much solidify his need to be in The Expendables 4, right?

In all seriousness though, Brosnan would make for a great addition to this series, if they decide to make more films. He’s certainly got more of an iconic action hero status than the likes of Liam Hemsworth or Kelsey Grammer, and it would be a ton of fun to see the former 007 in action again.

Tell us, would you like to see Pierce Brosnan as one of The Expendables? Let us know in the comments section below!