First Look At Pierce Brosnan In November Man

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Actors usually known for their dramatic roles shifting gears and heading into ass-kicking territory seems to be the new trend in Hollywood. It all started when Liam Neeson went badass for Taken and now, several other middle aged talents are following suit. And why wouldn’t they? Neeson’s turn as an action hero has been extremely successful.

Pierce Brosnan is the latest one to hop on board this particular train and though he’s already had considerable experience with the genre, playing James Bond in several films, he’s stuck mostly to romantic comedies and light dramas ever since his time with the iconic franchise came to an end. Now, however, the actor is looking to return to his glory days with the upcoming thriller November Man.

Directed by Roger Donaldson, the film will have the former 007 playing an ex-CIA operative who finds himself on a “very personal” mission where he’s up against a former pupil of his. It soon turns into a “deadly game involving high level CIA officials and the Russian president-elect.” From that description alone the story sounds a bit bland, but those who enjoyed Brosnan back when he played Bond days should get a kick out of this one. Plus, it will be nice to see the actor breaking away from some of the more sillier films that he’s been doing recently.

While November Man is still in post-production and without a release date, we do have the first image (seen above) to share with you today. It shows Brosnan walking away from an explosion with a gun in hand. We don’t know the context surrounding the scene that this photo is depicting, but I imagine it’s taking place mere moments after the actor has just kicked some serious ass.

We’ll let you know when we have more on November Man but for now, tell us, are you happy to see Pierce Brosnan returning to the action genre?