Pierce Brosnan Is Officially The Deadliest James Bond


Fans are always debating who the best James Bond is, but how about which one’s the deadliest? Which of the six actors to play 007 has offed the highest amount of nameless henchmen, femme fatales and villains with plans for world domination? Well, Betway has crunched the numbers and discovered that Pierce Brosnan’s secret agent has wracked up the most kills, by a fair margin.

Across his four movies – from 1995’s GoldenEye to 2002’s Die Another Day – Brosnan managed 135 kills. To get across just how many that is in the grand scheme of things, the character’s bumped off 405 in total across the entire franchise. So, despite only appearing in a sixth of the films, Brosnan’s responsible for significantly more than a quarter of Bond’s entire number of kills.

At the other end of the list we have George Lazenby – understandably, as he only featured in 1968’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – with 5 on-screen kills. Roger Moore naturally comes in second place with 90 kills. Though he might be the most light-hearted Bond in terms of performance, his hefty seven movie count means he still caused more carnage than the likes of Sean Connery, Daniel Craig and Timothy Dalton.

On the face of it, it seems curious that Brosnan will go down as the deadliest James Bond, as the Irish actor played the part with a lot of charm, which means he didn’t feel like the grittiest of Bonds. Daniel Craig’s interpretation, for instance, is a much more brutal character, though he’s not even in the top two. MovieWeb makes a good point though and suggests that Brosnan’s bloodlust is just a by-product of the tendency for 90s action movies to have the hero mow down entire rooms full of goons, which could be true.

Regardless, we’ll see how many kills Daniel Craig manages in what will likely be his final outing as the super spy in Bond 25, which is coming to us from director Cary Fukunaga.

Source: Betway