Pikachu Rushes Into Battle In New Detective Pikachu TV Spot


Detective Pikachu is slowly building up a considerable amount of buzz as its release quickly approaches. Admittedly, many folks were skeptical at first due to casting Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, not to mention a very surreal sounding plot, but the movie’s been going down so well with fans lately that the studio’s already planning a sequel and even a few spinoffs for their new cinematic universe. A well thought out marketing campaign, which has gradually revealed the film’s takes on all our favorite Pokémon, has certainly helped matters, too.

And that continues today with yet another great TV spot for the much anticipated flick. This one plays up both the funny and more serious side of the titular creature, as we see him rushing into battle using his Quick Attack while also delivering a few big laughs. Overall, it’s another pleasing look at Detective Pikachu and only has us that much more excited to check it out later this year.

As we mentioned above, Detective Pikachu is already testing off the charts, while the internet at large seems to agree that Rob Letterman’s live-action, genre-blending adventure will be able to please the franchise’s massive fanbase with its laughs and spectacle. But will it be the one to break the curse and become the first good video game adaptation in cinematic history?

Time will tell, but for now, we’re feeling pretty confident that that film can at least bring in enough box office receipts to warrant a full-blown franchise. After all, Disney’s been banking on nostalgia for years now with its live-action remakes, so there’s no reason Detective Pikachu can’t do the same and go on to conquer the global box office charts when it opens on May 10th.