Pirates Of The Caribbean Fans Are Furious About The New Movie

Pirates of the Caribbean Depp

Following yesterday’s news that Margot Robbie and Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson were working on a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, there are now two new entries in the long-running franchise in the works with a female lead, but most of the talk is still focused on Johnny Depp’s involvement or lack thereof.

When Disney announced that Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow was no longer part of their plans, there was a huge backlash from fans, and petitions were soon doing the rounds in an effort to have him reinstated. While studios rarely, if ever, pay much attention to these sort of things, after public opinion swung massively in the actor’s favor following a series of revelations in his messy divorce from Amber Heard, it was reported that the Mouse House had softened their stance and were considering a cameo where he would pass the torch onto the next generation of pirates.

There’s no question that Jack Sparrow is one of the most iconic characters in 21st Century cinema, and there’s every chance that a Pirates of the Caribbean movie that doesn’t feature him could fail to match the success of the five installments that managed to earn over $4.5 billion at the box office, despite the series never being able to match the critical acclaim that greeted Curse of the Black Pearl back in 2003.

In fact, based on the online reactions to the announcement of Robbie’s spinoff, a lot of fans have no interest whatsoever in a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie that doesn’t feature Captain Jack, and you can check out what folks are saying down below.

In a lot of cases, it isn’t the stars that make the franchise, but there’s no denying that Jack Sparrow has perhaps been the single most integral factor in the continued success of the Pirates of the Caribbean brand. There’s definitely a huge amount of risk in mounting two new projects without him, but we’ll just have to wait and see if Disney will eventually cave into demand and bring him back, even if it ends up being just a brief cameo.