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Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ trailer drops to immediate uproar over character designs

It looks to be a delightful, if divisive, turn for Pixar.

Ember and Wade in 'Elemental'
Image via Pixar

At this point in time, we all have a baseline idea about what Pixar‘s brainstorming sessions look like; simply fill in the blank of “What if ______ had feelings?” and see what ends up sticking.

We’ve gotten through toys having feeling, cars having feelings, and feelings having feelings, and next up on the docket is elements having feelings, with Disney‘s official Twitter account dropping the official teaser trailer for its upcoming Elemental film earlier today.

The teaser paints a quintessentially Pixarian picture; set in a world where personified variants of fire, water, Earth, and air all coexist together, we’re introduced to the reclusive Ember, a fire resident who hitches a ride on a train to Element City, where the residents of this world converge like nowhere else. The meat of the trailer delivers some delightfully quirky interactions, from a water citizen’s super-soaker of a sneeze fixing an Earth resident’s balding problem by prompting grass to grow in its splash zone, to another Earth resident’s body odor being literal daisies, the creativity is as eye-popping as ever.

As Ember departs the train, she shares a brief interactive with Wade, a water resident, and it’s from that point that we get a pretty strong idea of what we’re in for; fire girl meets water boy.

Not everyone seems to be sold on Pixar’s latest project, however; many were quick to air their grievances about the trailer’s character design in lieu of having anything better to do.

Of course, the trailer was also met with just as much praise for the same thing, so who knows where public opinion will end up sliding?

Elemental will release to theaters on June 16, 2023.

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