Pixar’s ‘Luca’ was the most streamed movie of 2021

Image via Disney/Pixar

According to a report by Deadline, Pixar’s Luca is surprisingly spearheading Nielsen’s list of the most-streamed titles across television and cinema in 2021 with a staggering 10.6 billion minutes of viewing.

Don’t get me wrong – the animated feature was undoubtedly among the best flicks to come out of the industry last year. Luca is currently 91% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with 285 reviews, and the audience score isn’t too shabby, either. It’s just that in a year where we’ve had so many exciting releases, it’s a tad amazing to find a movie as wholesome as Pixar’s 2021 venture on top, though it goes without saying that Luca absolutely deserves the crown, especially since the Mouse House axed the movie’s theatrical release due to Covid-19 concerns.

Speaking of whom, the report also indicates that the next three spots also belong to Disney, despite Netflix spending a fortune on original movies every year. Startlingly, these other spots are occupied by 2021’s Raya: The Last Dragon, and two other chart frequenters in the form of Frozen II and Moana. Also worth noting is the fact that Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have three and one titles in the top 15 movies, respectively.

Credit: Walt Disney Studios

Disney has also opted to release Pixar’s Soul and the upcoming Turning Red on their streaming platform, raising concerns as to whether this new strategy bodes well for the animation studio in the long run. If Pixar’s films continue to do as well as Luca has, though, there’s practically no cause for alarm.

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