Planet Hulk Location Confirmed For Thor: Ragnarok


For years, comic book fans have wondered when Planet Hulk would get its cinematic due. Bruce Banner’s involvement in Thor: Ragnarok suggests that it’s set to come in next year’s superhero blockbuster, and now, director Taika Waititi (Hunt For the Wilderpeople) has confirmed that the well known set piece will finally be seen, in its full glory, when the threequel arrives next year.

The news was confirmed in a recent interview with Total Film (via Collider and MCU Exchange), where Waititi noted that Sakaar, the titular planet itself, will indeed be featured in Ragnarok. He also gave a couple more details regarding what exactly its big screen debut will entail.

Sakaar was just an insane, far-off, futuristic place which was the biggest shift for the film and these characters…I was really excited when Kevin [Feige] and the rest of Marvel jumped on board with the idea to use [Jack] Kirby as a big influence in the design of the film. What’s really hard is staying authentic.

For those unfamiliar with the source material, Planet Hulk finds Banner entering Sakaar when it’s ruled by a corrupt empire led by the Red King, who captures the Hulk and makes him a gladiator in the Imperial Arena. In Thor: Ragnarok, Sakaar is where Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will reunite with his fellow Avenger.

In addition to Ruffalo and Hemsworth, Thor: Raganork also stars Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster, who’ll seemingly replace the Red King in this upcoming film, as well as Cate Blanchett, Karl Urban, Tessa Thompson, Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba. The end credits teaser for Doctor Strange also suggests Benedict Cumberbatch will appear as the Sorcerer Supreme when the much anticipated superhero sequel smashes into theatres on November 3, 2017.