Taken Director Pierre Morel Plans New International Thriller


The French action thriller District B13 catapulted Pierre Morel onto the list of legitimate Hollywood directors who could handle high octane and adrenaline fuelled action. Taken and From Paris With Love further cemented his position on that list and also gave him some more recognition (especially in North America).

We haven’t seen anything from the director lately but yesterday it was announced that he is prepping a new international thriller titled Bastille Day. The script was written by Andrew Baldwin who had not one, but two scripts make it to The Black List this year. Baldwin is currently writing the Logan’s Run remake script for Nicolas Winding Refn.

The script for Bastille Day focuses on two Americans living in Paris – an artist and a washed up federal agent – who take drastically different paths to stop an attack on the city. The title gives us some more details signalling that somehow the film will be set around July 14th, Bastille Day, or French National Day.

Knowing Morel, it’d be safe to expect more style than substance with this one but having seen Taken and From Paris With Love, I can say that his work is definitely entertaining and it always makes for a fun ride. If you’re looking for some mindless, over the top action that will guarantee a great time at the theatres, then be sure to keep your eye on Bastille Day.

Source: First Showing

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