Plot Details And Photos Released For Godzilla Reboot


Much progress is being made on the reboot of the iconic colossal creature Godzilla, as filming continues in Canada under the direction of Gareth Edwards. Despite releasing an on-set clip a few months ago, Legendary Pictures and Edwards have kept most of the plot details to themselves, but now they are thankfully giving us a few glimpses into their work with some screenshots featuring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Johnson.

This will not be Gareth Edwards’ first experience with sci-fi behemoths. He surprised audiences with Monsters in 2010, starring Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able, in which a journalist and an American tourist travel through Mexico six years after an alien invasion. Based on that film, he seems to be an excellent choice to bring Godzilla back to the big screen and I think that he’s going to find a lot of success with this one.

To tempt fans of monster movies, Legendary has posted a photo from the set to their Facebook page with a caption stating “What’s behind the radioactive containment doors?”


At one point Edwards stated that Godzilla will almost definitely combat another monster in his film. Perhaps this suggests that contained in those doors is a device designed to take down this adversary, or maybe it holds the creature itself. The curious green glow could be from the radioactive materials contained inside, or possibly night vision. Whatever has been captured in this images, it is most certainly ominous.

(Check out the full gallery here)

The above photos seem to depict Cranston and Johnson investigating the wreckage left by Godzilla, and in some they even appear to be gazing up in terror at something. Perhaps this is their first look at one of the two monsters?

Edwards has also mentioned that he plans to remain faithful to the 1954 original movie from Ishirō Honda. If this is the case, then it suggests that these images show the scene where Professor Yamane and Emiko examine the destruction of a modest fishing community and have their first face to face encounter with the Jurassic period dinosaur.

According to Coming Soon, in a press conference presenting details for upcoming movies, Legendary played a recorded message from Edwards that revealed a few hints concerning the plot, describing the reboot as being relevant to today’s world. Apparently, the themes of nuclear research and fallout will also be explored. In summation, Godzilla will focus of the retaliation of nature to the tampering of humans with the environment.

The last time Godzilla was featured was in 1998 by Roland Emmerich, and he was not met with much acclaim by critics. A couple of movies since then have focused on massive creatures resembling Godzilla, including Cloverfield and soon Pacific Rim, but can our jolly green giant tango with these two films? We will find out if the latest version of Godzilla will be unique enough to make us forget about 1998 when it comes to theaters May 16th of 2014.