New Poll Finds Most Fans Support Halle Bailey’s Little Mermaid Casting


Earlier this month, Disney found their new Ariel for their upcoming The Little Mermaid remake in Halle Bailey, and as soon as the news hit the web, the internet exploded. Social media was rife with #NotMyAriel tweets from those who felt the studio was wrong for recasting the white animated character as a black woman for the live-action version.

As we should probably know by now, however, the loudest voices online don’t necessarily make up the majority. A poll conducted by The Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult asked 2,200 adult Americans for their thoughts on the casting and most of them support Bailey’s appointment as the Disney princess.

First of all, 17% of those polled decreed that they “oppose” the casting, while 8% “somewhat oppose” and 9% “strongly oppose.” On the other hand, 34% made it clear that they “strongly support” Bailey being the lead of the movie and 21% “somewhat support” the decision. Meanwhile, 23% had “no opinion” on the topic. As for the political allegiances of those who took part in the poll, 75% of Democrats were Bailey fans while 44% of Republicans were also on her side.

Bailey has previously seen support flying in online from Disney lovers excited to see her as the Little Mermaid and from fellow actors – including Halle Berry, who was hilariously mistaken to be the new Ariel by many at first. A controversial Christian group that seemed to be opposed to her casting was also ultimately revealed to be a hoax.

The star will be joined in the film by Jacob Tremblay as the voice of Flounder, Awkwafina as a gender-flipped Scuttle and Melissa McCarthy as evil sea witch Ursula, who hatches a plan to steal Ariel’s voice when she falls in love with Prince Eric and wishes to become a human. Speaking of which, Eric has yet to be cast, much like Ariel’s father King Triton.

Tell us, though, are you a supporter of Halle Bailey’s casting in The Little Mermaid, too? Swim on over to the comments section and let us know.