Someone Has Now Made A Video Of That Avengers: Endgame Thanus Theory


Avengers: Endgame is fast approaching, but wow, that Avengers: Infinity War left audiences on quite the cliffhanger. What with half the universe’s living organisms turned to dust and all. Even some of our favorite heroes couldn’t withstand the power of those darn Infinity Stones. Those few left are scattered, scared and scarred. How will the remaining defenders of Earth defeat Thanos and his mangled torso in Avengers: Endgame? Well, according to the internet, a certain insect-like man could use his power to defeat the Mad Titan with one, swift grow.

How, you ask? Simple: tiny Ant-Man enters Thanos’ big purple butthole, expands and destroys the CGI Josh Brolin from the inside-out. This is what has become known colloquially as “The Thanus Theory,” and it’s been all over the social media, making its rounds through memes and drawings.

People want to visualize this. People want this to happen. People almost seem like they need this to happen. So much so that some brave soul finally made a video and posted to Twitter, to immediate delight and raucous cheers. Twitter user Daniel Patterson posted the aforementioned clip which almost seems like a demo reel for his eventual takeover of Marvel Studios.

Personally, I think that if the Russo brothers don’t sneak at least one reference to this theory into the movie after seeing the above concept video, they’re going to lose the entire audience and nobody will ever watch another superhero film again. I repeat: if nobody mentions Thanos and his giant lavender ass in this flick, audiences will riot.

Heck, even X-Men: The Last Stand threw a “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” in there to quell internet nerd rage, and we all know that Paul Rudd enjoys emphasizing the concepts of “ass”es and “butt”s. Come on, Marvel. The internet has given you a softball. All Avengers: Endgame has to do is knock it out of the park…or up the alley, so to speak.

Source: Twitter