Possible Bond 25 Casting Call Might Reveal The Film’s Villains


MGM and writer-director Danny Boyle are officially casting the net in search of their headline villain(s) for Bond 25.

At least, that’s according to James Bond fan-site MI6-HQ (h/t Heroic Hollywood), after the outlet uncovered three alleged casting calls for the so-far untitled sequel. Before we get into the weeds, it should be noted that the same site stumbled upon a similar description for Hinx, Dave Bautista’s one-man wrecking ball, in the lead-up to Spectre, so there’s a very good chance that the following scraps of intel are at least partially true.

If nothing else, they strongly suggest that the Bond 25 script from John Hodge is beginning to coalesce, though exactly where this leaves Helena Bonham Carter’s potential role is another question entirely.

And so, without further ado, the first alleged description alludes to a Russian lead and possible adversary for 007:

Male Leading Role
Playing age: 30’s – 60’s
Russian. (Also open to suggestions of actors from the Balkans or similar) Must speak fluent English.
Characteristics: Charismatic, Powerful, Innovative, Cosmopolitan, Bright, Cold and Vindictive.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

The other two roles are equally intriguing, with the first advertising for a Russian female in her mid-to-late 30s (or early 40s) who will likely be introduced as an accomplice to Bond 25’s big bad.

Female Leading Role
Playing age: 30 – 45
Russian. (Also open to suggestions of actresses from the Balkans or similar) Must speak fluent English.
Very Striking. Strong Physical / fighting / stage combat skills required.
Characteristics: Intelligent, brave, fierce and charming. She’s witty and skillful. A survivor.

Male Supporting Role
Playing age: 35 – 55
Advanced physical / fighting / stage combat skills required.
Characteristics: Authoritative, cunning, ruthless & loyal.

Chalk this up as just another rumor for now, as Bond 25 is yet to set the wheels in motion. However, when that time comes, it’ll signal Daniel Craig’s fifth and final bow as the world-famous agent, potentially leaving the door open for Tom Hardy to swoop in and assume the title role.

Look for Bond 25 hits UK theaters first on October 25th, 2019, before expanding across the pond in time for November 8th.