Possible Details On Darkseid’s Justice League Role Revealed


Justice League was billed as a two-part movie when it was first announced, but the response to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice quickly changed that. As a result, you’d think Darkseid would have taken centre stage as the big bad of this franchise from the very start, but it will instead be Steppenwolf who the team assembles to battle in their first big screen outing this November. That doesn’t mean we won’t get at least a glimpse of Darkseid, however, as it sounds like a cameo for the villain in Justice League is on the cards.

In a recent Periscope session, The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez claimed that the fan-favourite DC Comics character will likely be seen but not heard in Zack Snyder’s upcoming film. These scenes he’s referring to are likely flashbacks near the beginning of the movie, and while specific details haven’t been revealed, old rumours might just fill us in on what we should expect from the villain’s role in Justice League.

If you recall, a while back, it was reported that Darkseid would be shown being defeated by humans, Atlanteans, and Amazons several thousand years ago, with the three factions then dividing his Mother Boxes between them. Even the film’s first trailer pointed to that being the case and it now sounds as if that’s exactly what’ll happen.

As with all of Gonzalez’s scoops, it’s best to take this with a pinch of salt. That being said, Darkseid is no doubt going to factor into Justice League in some way, and considering the fact that Warner Bros. spoiled Doomsday’s role in Batman V Superman ahead of the film hitting theaters, we may get to see him sooner than we think.

Source: Periscope