It’s Very Possible Superman Will Sport A Mullet In Justice League

superman mullet

With the first three Lethal Weapon movies and the cult favorite animated series Captain Planet long behind us, some may feel as though media has been sorely lacking in positive male role models with mullets. Well, if director Zack Snyder decides to aesthetically honor the source material, which he tends to do, we may see Superman go the “business in the front, party in the back” route when he makes his return in Justice League.

First, let’s address the matter of Superman being in film in the first place. Yes, he is indeed part of the cast and has been training rigorously to maintain a superhero physique, but that didn’t stop some journalists from trying to get some confirmation from Snyder, who remained a bit coy, at the much talked about press event at the Justice League set:

“I guess that’s part of the story. If he does appear, I think that that would be a big part of the story, right?”

Quite frankly, I’m of the school of thought that believes he will make his triumphant return at some point during the third act to aid his Super Friends in their battle against Steppenwolf and the forces of Apokolips. The “resurrection” of Superman was perhaps just as big of an event as his comic book death in the 1990’s and I assume the filmmakers will treat it similarly in this medium.

Continuing on that note, many of us remember that when Superman did eventually return in the comics he sported a black and silver suit, as well as a mullet. While I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see him stay with his tried and true red and blue, we did see the black and silver suit during a dream sequence in Man of Steel and, curiously enough, Superman’s costume was the only one not shown to journalists at the press event.

Snyder said the following when asked about the possibility of a Man of Tomorrow mullet in the film:

“[His hair] should be perfect. A little longer, I guess! That’s what the myths are anyway.”

Something tells me that if Superman sports a new ‘do, his hair will probably be an even length all around, but we can keep our fingers crossed for that mullet.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.