New Poster For Justin Bieber’s Believe

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Apparently, Justin Bieber is so important that he deserves not one, but two movies to showcase his 19 year old life. Yes, that’s right, despite not even being old enough to drink legally in the United States, the pop sensation is the subject of a second documentary that will be hitting theatres on Christmas Day.

Titled Justin Bieber’s Believe, Jon M. Chu (who helmed the singer’s last film, Never Say Never), will be returning to the director’s seat and today, a brand new poster for the movie was released.

Presumably, Justin Bieber’s Believe will be more of the same in that it will tell us why the Biebs is so great and why he’s worthy of all the praise being heaped upon him by teenage girls around the world. The film will also be in 3D, so that, you know, Bieber and his producers can make even more money off of us through inflated ticket sales.

At the rate we’re going, you can also expect to see Justin Bieber’s Don’t Give Up, Justin Bieber’s Reach For The Stars and, maybe even Justin Bieber’s How I Became A Teenage Pop Sensation, And Then Threw It All Away, all by the time the singer has reached age 25. For now though, we have Justin Bieber’s Believe to look forward to and while a new trailer is said to be launching sometime this week or next, until it does, you can feast your eyes on the poster below.

Tell us, are you still caught up in Bieber-mania, or have you had enough of Justin and his antics? Let us know in the comments section below.

justin bieber believe poster