First Poster Released For Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix Action Movie Extraction


No offense to Chris Hemsworth, but he’s always struggled to transfer his success as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to other projects where he’s playing the leading man. While he’s always good value for money when tackling supporting roles in the likes of Vacation, Ghostbusters and Bad Times at the El Royale that make the best use of his charisma and comic timing, his track record when his name is above the title is a whole lot less than encouraging.

Michael Mann’s Blackhat is one of the biggest bombs in recent memory after earning less than $20 million globally, Ron Howard’s period-set In the Heart of the Sea failed to recoup its $100 million budget at the box office, 12 Strong’s critical and commercial performance was decidedly mediocre, and the less said about Men in Black: International, the better.

Luckily for Hemsworth, his latest movie, Extraction is set to debut exclusively on Netflix and also marks his first time acting as a producer alongside his MCU cohorts Joe and Anthony Russo, and you can see the first poster for the upcoming action flick below.

The trailer for Extraction looked about as generic as the title, but first-time filmmaker Sam Hargrave cut his teeth working with John Wick’s David Leitch, who made the transition from stunt coordinator to director look easy, and is now renowned for crafting some of the best action scenes in the business, so hopefully Hargrave sat under the learning tree as much as possible.

The Australian star plays the fantastically-named Tyler Rake in the film, and while the plot details are a fairly generic description of mercenaries and drug dealers, there’s enough talent involved to ensure that Extraction should rack up a decent number of streams when it hits Netflix next month.