First Poster Released For Jason Reitman’s Young Adult

He only has 3 feature films to his name so far but Jason Reitman has stacked up an impressive career. He has yet to make an average film, Up in the Air and Juno were both hugely enjoyable Oscar contenders but he has yet to match his debut, the prickling satire Thank You For Smoking.

However, he could be set to return to the more harder edged form of his first directorial outing with Young Adult, a film starring Charlize Theron and Patrick Wilson.

It reunites him with Oscar winning Juno scribe Diablo Cody and tells the story of a novelist (Theron) who moves back to her Midwestern home town, after getting divorced, to seek out her high school sweetheart (Wilson). Only to find that he’s married and has a family.

This new poster suggests we’re going to see a very different kind of performance for Theron. It looks as if we’ll be getting a very booze addled, dysfunctional performance, the kind of unglamorous role that courts awards.

Of course, Reitman has a good track record of getting awards nominations for his actors. Ellen Page in Juno, and the three major character in Up in the Air all got Oscar nominations. Theron could be on here, the Academy clearly likes her, having won before and being nominated another time.

Unlike his previous films however, Reitman has chosen not to premiere this on the fall festival circuit. Instead choosing the more conventional route of platform release.

Young Adult will open in limited locations on December 9th before spreading wider in the weeks following. You can check out the full, awesome poster below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter