New Poster And Viral Site For Looper

Futuristic movies always have the ability to make one think about their lives. What if we lived in a world like the one on the silver screen? What would we do? These questions, and more, are all too prevalent in the upcoming film Looper, a movie that will definitely make you think about the what ifs in life.

In Looper, Joe, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is a mob hit man in the year 2042.  His job is simple, assassinate targets sent to him from the year 2072. As far as Joe is concerned, he is living a life that most people only dream of, until one small problem arises. The target he receives for his most recent job is an older version of himself, played by Bruce Willis.

Upon my first viewing of Looper‘s trailer, which was during a viewing of The Raven, the plot idea intrigued me and I was hooked. I’ve been following the film for a while now and I’m very excited to see the new poster and viral site for the film which have both appeared on the internet today.

For now the viral site,, gives us the official teaser trailer, the image used in the official UK quad poster, which can be viewed above, and an image of Jeff Daniels from the film as well, which can be seen below. My guess is that within the next couple of months the site will allow users to delve more into this futuristic world.

As for the poster, it presents the same ominous and intriguing theme that we’ve seen with all of the marketing thus far and it only serves to heighten my excitement for the film.

Looper will hit theaters this Fall on September 28th.

Source: First Showing