New Dark Knight Rises Posters Let It Snow

Last week, Warner Bros treated us to a series of posters for The Dark Knight Rises that foreshadowed that Catwoman’s line about a storm brewing may just be true; as the caped crusader, Catwoman and Bane all stood in the rain, with “RISE” above their heads. A couple days back, we also got a viral Catwoman poster, which suggested that whoever she is fighting for is unclear, showing her stepping on the bat symbol and breaking it.

Now, this storm is looking like it may just be wilder than we thought. According to Philstar, Warner Bros have released three more character posters but amidst a snowy setting. It was made clear in the trailer that snow would fall upon Gotham like the ashes of an apocalyptic fire, and from the looks of it, the storm that Selina Kyle refers to may just be one that will shake Gotham forever.

Check out the banners below.

The Dark Knight Rises will rise in theaters and IMAX July 20th. Will you be there to watch Gotham go down in flames?