Two New Posters Showcase Big Hero 6 Imagery


Having introduced the world to young robotics genius, Hiro, and his cute, oversized invention, Baymax, in a trailer last month, Disney and Marvel have raised the curtain on 2 new, iconic posters for their first animated collaboration – Big Hero 6.

Featuring the voice talents of T.J Miller, Maya Rudolph, and Jamie Chung, the film is based on the comic of the same name, by Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle. With Don Hall and Chris Williams as co-directors, the script comes from Jordan Roberts and Hall, with the legendary John Lasseter on board as executive producer.

This loose adaptation presents a somewhat unusual take on the superhero genre, with the young Hiro joining a reluctant team of fledgling crimefighters, in order to save their city of San Fransokyo from a terrible threat. It’s also important to note that though this is a Marvel production, based on a Marvel comic, it does not share the same universe as the studio’s live-action films.

The character posters released today are reflective of the striking animation seen in the film’s teaser trailer. With smooth lines, realistic lighting effects and slightly muted colours, the images have a comforting air about them – with the playful robot Baymax taking centre stage. Big Hero 6 has the potential to take Marvel’s cinematic domination into the world of animation, as its various characters are exceedingly relatable. There’s Fred the comic book fan, who becomes Fredzilla, Go Go Tomago the bike messenger, who turns into an energy ball, and Leiko Tanaka, who has a fearsome battle suit.

With a release date of November 7, Big Hero 6 represents a welcome change of pace from Marvel – an adorable animated adventure to refresh the cinematic palate after the usual summer onslaught of live-action tent-poles. Its Fall appearance also gives plenty of time for more character posters, teaser trailers, and the inevitable marketing push to make Baymax the must-have Christmas toy, too.