Potential Captain Marvel Clue Discovered In Iron Man 2


The upcoming twenty-first installment in the long-running Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Captain Marvel, will be released in theaters in just a matter of weeks now and with its arrival almost here, fans have been eager to find little bits and pieces that’ll point to what may happen in the film, which will serve as the ninth entry in Phase Three.

Recently, Reddit user Esgeo pointed out a scene from the 2010 pic Iron Man 2 that could potentially showcase Clark Gregg’s Agent Phil Coulson making a reference to Tony Stark about the superheroine portrayed by Brie Larson. In the scene, we see Coulson wishing Stark good luck for his upcoming mission, stating: “we need you.” To this, Stark replies: “Yeah, more than you know.” What comes next is a humorous comeback from Coulson who slyly counters him with: “Not that much.”

Many people are speculating that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is making a reference to none other than Carol Danvers here, as he’s more than likely aware of her immense power. Both the Russo Brothers and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige have already publicly stated that she’s the strongest character in the MCU, after all, but this scene could simply just be a jab at Tony Stark’s cockiness that he’s become iconic for in the film series at this point.

In any case, fans will be able to get a look at a much younger Phil Coulson quite soon, as Gregg will be reprising the role in Captain Marvel. Also reprising his role as fan favorite character Nick Fury is Samuel L. Jackson, who’s been shown in many trailers to not wear his signature eyepatch. Of course, folks are wondering whether or not the movie will reveal how he eventually loses his eye, but we’ll just have to wait until Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th to find out.

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