The Power Rangers Get Romantic In Valentine’s Day Promos; New International Poster Arrives


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a new batch of rather romantic Power Rangers promo images has found its way online, while there’s also a striking new international poster for you to peruse.

Embedded below, the latter gathers Lionsgate’s fresh-faced heroes together under the looming shadows of their respective Zords. From the tyrannosaur (Red Ranger) and mastodon (Black Ranger) to the sabertooth (Yellow Ranger), pterodactyl (Pink Ranger) to the hulking triceratops (Blue Ranger), they’re all here, and this one-sheet undoubtedly offers up our best look at the robo-dinos to date. Those sky-scraping machines will come in rather handy, too. After Goldar and the nefarious Rita Repulsa lay siege to Angel Grove, the Power Rangers suit up and pilot their robotic doppelgängers, paving the way for the money shot of all money shots: all five Zords coming together to form the Megazord.

Indeed, as far as fan service goes, Dean Israelite’s live-action reboot looks set to deliver in spades, but perhaps the biggest question currently facing Lionsgate’s ambitious franchise-starter is whether it can resonate with the moviegoing masses, particularly those with little-to-no knowledge of Saban’s heroes and their cherished history on the small screen. Such a conundrum has in no way quelled Lionsgate’s enthusiasm for the imminent reboot, considering CEO Jon Feltheimer teased recently that the studio could “wind up doing fox, or six, or seven” films.

Power Rangers will be with us on March 24th, at which point Lionsgate’s team of heroes will have Life to contend with as the pair prepare to lock horns for box office supremacy.