Power Rangers Star RJ Cyler Wants To Play Miles Morales


The future of the rebooted Power Rangers movie franchise might be in doubt, but one of its stars has already got his sights set on a different kind of superhero role.

R.J. Cyler, who played Billy Cranston AKA the Blue Ranger, in this year’s mighty morphin blockbuster from Lionsgate has said that he would love to portray Miles Morales in a future Spider-Man film. While talking to Screen Rant in a recent interview, here’s what he had to share on the subject:

“I’d definitely want to be Miles Morales in Spider-Man. That’s my dream role, to be honest, to play Miles Morales, because for one, I know that I would totally geek out the entire time, because Spider-Man is my favorite superhero.

I have a Spider-Man steering wheel, Spider-Man floor mats, that’s just me. So that’s my perfect role, that’s my ideal role for the future. Rather distant, or some other time, you know?”

If you ask us, Cyler would be a terrific choice to play Miles. The actor was one of the best things in Power Rangers, as the autistic, pure-hearted Billy was the most enjoyable character in the movie. At the age of 22, he’d also be able to play a teenager believably, just as the 21-year-old Tom Holland is able to as Peter Parker.

The only problem we can forsee then is that there are currently no plans to bring Miles Morales to the big screen. Well, at least in live-action form. An animated movie from Sony is due out December 2018, featuring Dope‘s Shameik Moore as the Ultimate Spider-Man, but there’s no plans aside from that.

Still, the immense popularity of the character and, frankly, the amount of Spider-Man related movies that are currently in the works either at Marvel or Sony, suggests that it’s only a matter of time before Miles makes his live-action debut. As such, maybe Cyler will get the chance to play his” dream role” after all.

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