Power Rangers Star Reveals What He Wants To See In The Sequel


Lionsgate’s rebooted Power Rangers franchise hasn’t officially received an order for a sequel just yet, which is mostly due to the fairly lacklustre box office performance of the first outing, but one of the film’s stars has already thought about what they’d like to see in a potential second movie.

Speaking to Screen Rant, RJ Cyler – who plays Billy Cranston AKA the Blue Ranger – talked about a range of things that are on his wish list. First off, he revealed that he’d like to see Billy find love in the sequel.

“I would definitely like to see him fall in love in some way. That would be really cool. Right now, everyone feels like Billy’s just gonna be this single kid for the rest of his life, and I’m like ‘No, Billy will find love someday, in his own time.'”

As the character was teased in the post-credits sequence of the first movie, it seems likely that a Power Rangers 2 would also introduce Tommy Oliver AKA the Green Ranger. And, just as his co-stars have previously said, Cyler would also love to see the character rebooted as a girl. That way, the gender divide between the Rangers would be equal.

“You know? I think Tommy as a girl would be so dang cool! Either way, Tommy as a character is so cool. If they switched it up and made Tommy Oliver into a girl? I would lose my mind.”

How about what villains Cyler would like to fight against in the future? Well, for hardcore Power Rangers fans, the actor will earn their respect with his answer. He cites a couple of the more famous antagonists of the franchise but also references lesser-known villain Rygog. For those who need a reminder, the character was the henchman of villainess Divatox from Power Rangers Turbo. 

“I don’t know why, but Rygog has always been a villain that I wanted to fight,” the actor said. “Because it’s almost like you can’t get around him, you can’t catch him from a blind spot. The Power Rangers have to take him head on, and that always sounded like a fun fight for me. Lord Zedd, definitely Lord Zedd. And Ivan Ooze. Yeah, that’d be a cool one, definitely. He’s like my favorite villain ever, not just in the Power Rangers. I love Ivan Ooze.”

Let’s hope that Power Rangers 2 does end up happening so that some of Cyler’s wishes can be ticked off. The first film was far from perfect, but it laid a solid foundation that we’d definitely like to see expanded upon in future outings and we’ll remain hopeful that the studio ends up feeling the same way, too.