Power Rangers Villain And Opening Scene Revealed?

Power Rangers

Heroic Hollywood is expanding its horizons outside of Suicide SquadBatman V Superman and Captain America: Civil War for once, reporting on the upcoming Power Rangers movie. And if what the site’s sources say holds water, they have uncovered some very interesting dirt on what’s sure to be one of 2017’s biggest tween hits.

According to HH, Power Rangers will mine the franchise’s history and feature fan favorite Rita Repulsa as the main villain. The site’s sources describe her as:

“A huntress. A striking, yet subtly alien-looking woman. She carries a metallic staff topped with a distinctive crescent shape. Advances with a soldier’s confidence, guided by some sort of compass… Her staff is actually a device of immense power. She points it at the ground. Heads emerge, built layer upon layer like 3-D printing, made from the earth itself… The staff’s technology grants her the ability to create humanoid figures, soulless and robotic.”

Apparently, Rita’s been around a while. She pops up in the prologue of the movie, set during the Cretaceous period, on the very day dinosaurs were wiped from the face of the Earth (wanna bet there was more than a meteor responsible for that whole extinction thing?). That period’s Power Rangers face off against her, led by Red Ranger Zordon. It’s a highly destructive battle, as the dinosaurs surely find out.

The sources go into a little detail on how Zordon, another fan favorite, is being portrayed:

“Though alien, he looks like a man in his 50s. Sinewy and strong, as if carved from some root that refused to die. A being of integrity and iron will.”

That’s all the site has for now, but with Power Rangers not due for a long while, there’s sure to be a lot more information about the pic leaking out between now and then. The film lands January 13, 2017.