San Diego Comic-Con To Reveal Brand New Predator…Something


Robert Rodriguez has been hinting at a sequel to the Nimrod Antal-directed Predators since back in 2010, but after a lukewarm reception to the murderers vs. super-hunters battle royale, chatter fell silent. To some, this wasn’t a bad thing, as I’ll be the first to admit Predators failed more than it succeeded, but as of today, the hunt is officially back on. Will we get yet another Predator sequel? A video game, perhaps? Let’s scope the reveal.

Taking to the official Facebook page of Predators, someone uploaded what looks to be an interesting teaser poster that shows the top-down view of a city through a Predator’s eyes, complete with heat vision. The caption? “The Predator is coming…#SDCC”

Over the picture is the following text: “There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man…we’re all gonna die.”  Yup, a straight quote from Billy in Predator. There’s also a hashtag at the bottom that reads “#HuntThePredator,” which you can Tweet your excitement to instantaneously.

Let’s put the clues together, shall we? Robert Rodriguez has hinted at a sequel to Predators previously. The San Diego Comic-Con starts this Wednesday, which Rodriguez will be attending. The official Predators Facebook page released a teaser poster with a quote from the original movie on it. E3 ended not too long ago, so the announcement of a new video game is rather perplexing at this point. C’mon, I can’t be the only one who thinks Rodriguez is going to announce a hopefully more glorious return to the Predator franchise.

Either way, we won’t officially know how “The Predator” will be stalking his prey at the San Diego Comic-Con until it starts, but you better believe my money is on a Predator sequel. Even though Predators was lacking, you bet your sweet ass I’m all-in for another Rodriguez produced effort, but I’d be even happier if Rodriguez flabberghasted audiences by saying he’ll be directing a Predator sequel himself. Is that likely with his schedule? No. Would I let out a Schwarzenegger-sized scream if it happened? Yes…yes I would. Be sure to check back to see what the actual reveal is!

Check out the teaser poster below, and let us know if you’re down to see some more Predator hunting goodness!